Tickle Tassel Ball

Tickle Tassel Ball
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CATS ARE NOT COLOR BLIND! Cats primarily view the world through pastels and grey tones. However, studies have shown that cats can see some colors and respond well to purple, blue, green and yellow.

Tipsy Nip™ has created a line of Feline Precision Vision™ (FPV) cat toys; the Tickle Tassel and the Tickle Tassel Ball. By using colors that provide a wide range of contrast, Tipsy Nip™ FPV toys help cats see motion clearly and quickly, making it easier for them to catch their “prey” and keeping them entertained for longer periods of time.

The Tickle Tassel Ball is a nontoxic wooden ball with Organic hemp tassels. A safe, healthy alternative to Mylar, plastic, and other toxic materials most commonly used to produce cat toys.

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